Lucknow: 5 hours of brainstorming between RSS and UP government, discussion on law and order, population law, conversion issues

An important meeting of the BJP with the top leadership of the Sangh, which is preparing for the UP elections, has ended. CM Yogi Adityanath was also present in this meeting which lasted for five and a half hours. The functioning of the government has been discussed in the meeting, apart from this, the election strategy was also discussed in detail.

Election churning of BJP with Sangh

In this meeting, which continued from 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the top leadership of the Sangh continued to discuss with CM Yogi. There was a churn on the 2022 UP elections, apart from this, there was also an emphasis on how to promote the achievements of the government from village to village. In this episode, it is being said that the government will now try to strengthen its image among the public through issues like better law and order, population control law, conversion. At the same time, the Sangh will promote these campaigns of the government vigorously through its workers.

Victory blueprint ready

In the meeting, there has also been a detailed discussion about strengthening the organization. Full emphasis has been given that at the time of elections, there should be better coordination between the organization and the Sangh and the situation on the ground is constantly being reviewed. Let us tell you that the meeting between the government and the union is going on for two days. Through the meeting, a roadmap for victory is being prepared before the election and preparations are being made to move forward according to a set strategy.

Why UP is necessary for RSS?

Now the activism of the Sangh in the UP elections does not surprise. To say that elections are going to be held in many other states including Gujarat, but it is necessary for the Sangh to maintain the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh. From the political and ideological point of view, the Sangh has always given more importance to UP, which is why now when the elections are near, the Sangh has stood behind the BJP with full force. On his behalf, the responsibility of coordinating was also given to the RSS co-sarkaryavah Arun Kumar.

How will you strengthen the image of BJP?

It is also being told that all the Sangh workers in UP are now going to help the needy people. Many people have faced troubles during the Corona period, in such a situation, by helping them all, an exercise will be done to improve the image of BJP. Meaning, from campaigning to strengthening the organization, the Sangh is going to completely throw itself in the UP elections. Every effort is made that again a BJP government with full majority should be formed in the state.

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