Kisan Rail: People of Delhi will taste the banana and chikoo of Gujarat! Farmers benefit from getting new market

With the help of Kisan Rail of Indian Railways, fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products are being helped to reach the national markets. Farmers get a subsidy of 50 percent in fare from the Ministry of Food Processing and Industry on the transportation of fruits and vegetables by Kisan Rail. So that farmers can get better price for their produce.

In this episode, Kisan Rail has left for Adarshnagar station in Delhi carrying bananas and chikoo from Vadodara in Gujarat. The Railway Ministry has given this information by tweeting. According to the Railways, on Sunday from Vadodara in Gujarat, Kisan Rail left for Delhi with 200.5 tonnes of banana and 7.6 tonnes of chikoo, which will reach today i.e. on Monday. Farmers will get benefit by getting a new market for the produce.

What are the benefits to farmers from Kisan Rail?

With the help of Kisan Rail, farmers’ produce and products have reached new markets. So that they can get good price in less time and less rent. Let us inform that in the Union Budget 2020-21, it was announced to run Kisan Rail. The purpose of running Kisan Rail is to transport agricultural products fruits vegetables and dairy products from the places of their production and abundance to other areas of consumption. Farmers get 50 percent subsidy on freight on transport through Kisan Rail. In such a situation, farmers are taking advantage of this facility of railways.

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