Kejriwal’s question to PM Modi: If pizza is being delivered at home then why not ration

After the Center’s ban on the Kejriwal government’s plan to deliver ration to every household in Delhi, the round of accusations and counter-accusations has started. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made serious allegations against the Modi government through a press conference on Sunday.

He said that you are trying to help the ration mafia by stopping the scheme. This is not right. If you stand with the ration mafia, who will support the poor? Kejriwal questioned that if home delivery of pizza-burgers and smartphones can be done in this country, then why not ration?

5 important things about Kejriwal’s press conference

  1. We do not want any dispute with the Center
    Door-to-door ration delivery was about to start in Delhi from next week. All the preparations were done, but why did you stop it all of a sudden? PM sir, the state government is competent for this scheme and we do not want any dispute with the center. Let us work for the poor.
  2. There was an objection to the name earlier, we also changed the name
    We named it the Chief Minister’s Ghar Ghar Ration Scheme. You then said that the Chief Minister’s name cannot be included in the scheme. We took your name and removed the name. Now you have rejected our plan saying that we have not taken permission from the Centre. Whereas we took permission from the central government for this scheme 5 times.
  1. Didn’t object in court, so why are you doing it now
    The Center did not object against our plan in court, so why is it being rejected now? Many poor people have lost their jobs. People do not want to go out, so we want to send ration from door to door. Legally, we are not required to take approval from the Centre. Still we wrote you a letter. Now if you stop this, then what will happen to 70 lakh poor people whose ration is stolen by these ration mafia.
  2. We don’t need credit
    Central government officials are saying that this ration belongs to the center, so why should Delhi take credit? I am not taking credit, please apply. I will tell the world that Modi ji implemented the scheme. This ration is neither of Aam Aadmi Party nor of BJP. This ration belongs to the people of this country and it is the responsibility of both of us to stop the theft of this ration.
  3. In times of crisis, the center is fighting with everyone
    At this time the country is going through a very serious crisis. This is the time to help each other by holding hands. This is not the time to fight with each other. People have started feeling that even at the time of such trouble, the central government is fighting the most. You are fighting with Mamta didi. Fighting with Jharkhand Govt. You are fighting with the people of Lakshadweep. Fighting with Maharashtra Govt. Fighting with the people of Delhi. Fighting with farmers. People are very sad about this sir. How will such a country run? We are all yours. We are all Indians. In such a situation, if we all fight amongst ourselves, then how will we win from Corona? We don’t have to fight with each other. We all have to fight against Corona together.

10 kg ration to every family
On May 15, Arvind Kejriwal took a meeting of his cabinet, in which a decision was taken regarding the free ration scheme. On May 18, Kejriwal himself told the media that the government would deliver ration to the homes of 72 lakh people. Under this, 10 kg ration is to be given free to every family.

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