Kashmera Shah annoyed by Govinda’s wife’s comment, said ‘Who is Sunita?’

The ongoing family feud between Govinda and his nephew Krisha Abhishek is not taking its name to end. Recently, Govinda along with his wife had reached The Kapil Sharma Show. Where Krishna Abhishek was seen missing from the shooting. In such a situation, Sunita has also given an interview in the media about Krishna. In response to which Krishna’s wife Kashmira Sah has spoken to us. At the same time, Sunita also said that as long as she remains alive there is no scope for settlement.

No interest of two paise in this depression

On the other hand, Krishna’s wife and actress Kashmera Shah says in response to Sunita, “To be honest, I am not interested in two paise in this whole mess. These people do not exist for me for the last five years. I don’t want to talk about them anymore. You will see that I have not said anything for a long time. Otherwise I have a befitting reply to give them.

By the way, the fans have responded by trolling him.

Kashmera further says, the fans have already given her the answer on social media. She is getting trolled badly. He has said that Krishna is not talented. Such people speak, who do not understand the talent and are not talented themselves. In the same way people speak bad about you, who have done nothing in the world and who consider themselves inferior to you. When you become an actor, your life does not remain private, it becomes public. You have to be ready for everything. So if people will make and write jokes in your name, then you will tell everyone that they have made a career because of them.

Didn’t even come to see my kids

Earlier I used to be impressed by their words but from that day these people got down from my heart, when they did not come to see my children. Since then I have stopped talking about them. Family is the one who stands by you in your bad times. These people did not stand with us.

Well who is this Sunita?

Talking nonsense about Krishna. Krishna may not have been needed in that episode. But who can explain this? Well you have to ask me, then ask about Priyanka Chopra, ask about Katrina… who is this Sunita. I have earned my name myself, I am not recognized as someone’s wife. So I don’t want to talk about such people.

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