Kappa Variant of Corona Virus wreaks havoc in Rajasthan, 11 patients found so far

The second wave of coronavirus infection in the country may have weakened, but different variants of corona have also increased the concern. After Delta and Delta Plus, now the Kappa variant of Corona has come to the fore. So far 11 patients of Kappa variant have been reported in Rajasthan, which has created a stir in the state.

State Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma said that 11 patients of Kappa variant have been found in Rajasthan so far. He told that out of 11 patients, 4-4 patients are from Jaipur and Alwar. Two patients are from Barmer and one from Bhilwara.

Dr. Raghu Sharma said that the Kappa variant is less lethal than the Delta variant. He has appealed to the people to follow Covid Appropriate Behavior.

Till July 13, more than 9.53 lakh cases of corona have been reported in Rajasthan. On Tuesday, 28 patients have been found here in the last 24 hours. So far more than 9.43 lakhs have been cured. While 8,945 people have died.

In what sense is the variant more dangerous?

  • Delta Variant: Infects people faster and more resistant.
  • Kappa Variant: Infects people more rapidly than others and spreads rapidly.
  • Alpha Variant: Spreads faster than the normal novel corona virus.
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