Kanpur Police did something different – the criminal was called after the matter of marriage, then arrested

Now criminals have become so clever that without cyber experts to catch them does not work. But even in such times, the Kanpur Police used such a unique method of old age to catch a criminal that the criminal who was absconding for a year was himself caught. This criminal of bike theft gang had gone out to escape from the police. To bring him back, the police first started talking about marriage in his house, then arrested him as soon as he came forward to talk about the relationship.

Additional Police Commissioner Sanjeev Tyagi is very happy to honor his soldiers – Amit and Dharmendra. Be happy why not? Both of them played such a trick to catch the criminal Dharmendra that everyone was convinced of them. Dharmendra was absconding for a year in vehicle theft. He had fled to Rajasthan to escape the police.

Court also issued warrant

When the police went to his house, the family members would refuse to tell anything. Here, the court had also issued his warrant. On this the police made a unique plan to catch Dharmendra? Both these soldiers reached Dharmendra’s house with a photo of a girl and by talking about the girl’s marriage with him, lured him to give a big dowry. Due to this greed, Dharmendra quietly returned to his house from outside.

After this, both these soldiers came to meet the girl on the pretext of showing her photo and on seeing her, these people sent a message to their police team outside the village. Both kept Dharmendra engaged in talks, until the police came and arrested him.

An elderly man was sent to Dharmendra’s house with a marriage relation

Kanpur West DCP Sanjeev Tyagi said, “Dhamendra was absconding for a year. The family members were not cooperating with the police. He used to come home quietly at night. Then it came to know that his family members are talking about his marriage. Our team sent an elder to his house with a marriage relation. When he came forward, he was arrested, so both of them have been honored.

Let us tell you that the criminal Dharmendra Singh Sachendi lived in the village of Udaipur. A year ago, Kalyanpur police had uncovered a bike thief gang, in which Dharmendra was also found to be an accused. Whenever the police used to go to catch him, the family members used to return him saying that he had run away somewhere. In this case, the police arrested Dharmendra and produced him in the court, from where he got bail. At the same time, after being arrested, Dharmendra said that no talk was made of me as a marriage litigant. The police just came and took me away. The police is falsely implicating me in the affair of money.

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