Kaam Ki Baat: Parents should keep these things in mind, then teenagers will not get addicted to smoking

Kaam Ki Baat: Smoking is such a habit that is harmful for people of all ages. For children, it starts out as fun, becomes a habit and later becomes an addiction.

To prevent your kids from falling into this life-long addiction, a few things can help.

Discussion important

Discuss smoking with your children in a friendly way. Ask them how much they know about smoking and make them aware that smoking is harmful to them. Some parents neglect to talk about this topic because of their own inhibitions, but it is always advisable to have a healthy discussion to know their point of view on smoking.

Importance of saying no

When children are entering their teen years, peer pressure is the highest and most of them succumb to it. You should sit with them and encourage them to say no whenever they are asked to smoke. In fact, as a parent you should practice telling them ‘Sorry I don’t smoke’.

Stress on health issues

Many children think that vaping (e-cigarettes) and other commonly used methods like candy cigarettes, water pipes (hookahs) are safe. On the contrary, they should be made aware. Talk with them about serious health issues, using real-life examples. Also explain to them about the harmful effects of passive smoking and ban them from places where people are smoking.

Even a cigarette does harm

Explain to your children that even a single cigarette can make you addicted to smoking. Even trying to have fun can become a lifelong habit. Tell them that most adult smokers start in adolescence and then quitting is a daunting task.

If you as a parent support your kids and discuss all the important issues related to smoking with them then you can keep them away from smoking and give them a happy and healthy future.

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