ISIS terrorist caught due to his addiction of eating kebabs! Spain had arrived from Syria

A terrorist of Islamic State was caught by the police due to his addiction to kebab. 31-year-old former rapper Abdul-Majed Abdul Bari went to fight in Syria on behalf of ISIS. From there he reached Spain, but in the meantime he was caught in the affair of ordering kebabs. Let’s know the full story…

According to the report of ‘Mirror UK’, Abdul Bari, a resident of Britain, reached Syria around 2013. His weight was much more than normal (about 130 kg). But after a few years, he left there and reached Algeria and then started living in Spain. Meanwhile, the Spanish police’s detectives got the news. But he did not have any concrete evidence, where he was living.

One day, thanks to a social media post, Spanish police received information about two suspects repeatedly ordering kebabs online. After which the police started recceing the room. According to the Spanish paper El Pais, Bari ordered the kebabs at 10.46 pm local time on 15 April 2020, ordered kebabs at 10 pm the next night. Then ordered for the third time on 18 April, five days before his arrest.

During this, the police recognized Abdul Bari by ear through spies. Because his weight had increased a lot and there was no new picture of him. The police team raided and arrested Bari along with two of his associates. Bitcoin and other evidence worth $43,000 were also seized from them. It was claimed that he was planning to attack.

According to the report, once in Syria, he was captured by the Iraqi army. But his weight was so much that he could not fit in the police car, so the team had to put him in a truck and take him to jail. Abdul Bari is currently lodged in the Soto del Real prison near Madrid.

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