Is the corona under control in countries where more vaccines are available?

Health experts are considering vaccination as a big weapon against Corona. In many countries like Britain, the wave is accelerating again. Let us know that in countries where there has been more vaccination, the wave of corona is stopping or increasing.

One wave of Corona is not stopping that another wave is starting to shake the world. Apart from this, the world, which is battling with new variants, mutations, strains of the virus every day, now has great hopes from the vaccine itself. For this, every country is spending lakhs and crores so that most of its population can be vaccinated as soon as possible.

The campaign started in the UK in December 2020 with the vaccination of a 91-year-old woman. 7 months have passed since then. Companies are making more than 100 vaccines worldwide. People are getting many vaccines including Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZenca. Around 2 billion 300 million vaccine doses have been administered to people worldwide in these 7 months. In India too, more than 25 crore doses have been administered to people so far. There are many countries that have vaccinated most of their population. But again the wave of corona has started increasing in many countries. In many countries including Britain, the era of sanctions has started again. Experts are constantly warning about the third wave. Let us know what is the condition of corona in countries where vaccination has been more?

Which countries have the most vaccines? According to the dosage, the highest number of vaccinations has been done in China, the birthplace of Corona. The people there have received 90 crore vaccine doses so far. After that America is the place where more than 31 crore doses have been applied. Both doses of the vaccine have been administered to 44 percent of the country’s population. In Israel, 57 percent of the people have received both doses of the vaccine. In Britain, 45 percent of the population i.e. more than 30 million people have received both doses of the vaccine. While the total vaccine dose in the country is 7.17 crores. A total of 44.3 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in the neighboring country of France. 1.44 crore people have taken both the doses which is 21.4% of the total population.

Russia, which has enthusiasm all over the world about the Sputnik vaccine, has so far applied 3.29 vaccine doses. Both doses of the vaccine have been administered to 9.9 percent of the total population i.e. 1.43 crore people. Seychelles has administered both doses of the vaccine to 68% of its population. In the Arab country of Bahrain, 53 percent of the people have received both doses of the vaccine. 43 percent in Qatar. In Singapore, 33 percent of the people have been given both doses of the vaccine.

25 crore doses have been taken in India. But it is very less in terms of population. 4.72 crore people i.e. 3.5% of the total population have got both the doses. At the same time, 7.17 crore vaccine doses have been applied in Brazil. 2.37 crore people have received both doses of the vaccine, which is only 11.2% of the total population.

What is the condition of Corona in these countries? This wave of corona seems to be stopping in the world but it is not the same everywhere. Still more than 3 lakh new cases are coming daily in the world. Similarly, more than 6 thousand deaths are also happening in the world every day. In America, where vaccination work is going on the fastest, the average daily cases are more than 7 thousand. Since June 1, there have been about 2 lakh new cases in America and 5 thousand deaths have taken place. Between the cases of post-covid complication and long covid, more than 52 lakh active cases are still in the US.

The most recent danger is visible In Britain, there are still 1 lakh 55 thousand active patients in Britain. From June 1, the wave of corona is increasing there. On June 1, where there were about 3 thousand new cases, today more than 7 thousand new cases are coming every day. The Delta variant is believed to be the reason behind this new wave of Corona in Britain. In view of the situation, British PM Boris Johnson has postponed the decisions of unlock for another 4 weeks for the time being. The life of Britishers, which was normal, has suddenly come under the shadow of restrictions again.

Talking about France, the neighboring country of Britain, more than one lakh new patients have appeared there in the last 15 days. There are more than one lakh 30 thousand active cases. On an average 70 people are losing their lives daily.

If we look at Israel, which has done the most vaccinations in the world, even though people have been exempted from wearing masks there, but the corona has not yet reached the zero level. 200 to 300 patients are still coming out daily. However, since June 1, only 17 people have died due to corona while active cases are also below 300.

Corona cases have increased rapidly in Russia, which has vaccinated millions of its people and sent the Sputnik vaccine worldwide. In the last one week, about 1 lakh new patients have appeared. On an average, 14 thousand new patients are appearing for the last 4 days. Active cases have reached close to 3 lakhs. Two and a half thousand people have lost their lives in a week.

At the same time, Seychelles, a small country in the Indian Ocean, has applied both doses of the vaccine to 68% of its population. But there the fresh wave of corona has come as a problem. In 15 days, 2 thousand new patients have appeared. 8 people have lost their lives. In the Arab country Bahrain, which has given Chinese vaccine to most of the population, about 20 thousand new cases have been reported in the last 15 days, while two and a half hundred people have lost their lives. During these two and a half thousand new patients have appeared in Qatar. While 19 people have died. Recently, in Singapore, which is battling the Corona wave, new cases remain below 100, while active cases have also been controlled rapidly.

Similarly, talking about China, 90 crore vaccine doses have been administered to people there, but in the last few days, new cases of corona have been reported in many areas. On June 14, more than 20 new patients appeared in many provinces including Xinjiang. Apart from this, the administration has imposed strict restrictions, holding the Delta variant responsible behind the frequent cases in Guangzhou city. People coming from abroad have been banned. Testing of 1 lakh 80 thousand people has been done in the affected areas and thousands of people have been quarantined here.

At the same time, about 1 thousand corona cases are coming daily in Pakistan. There are still more than 40 thousand active cases in Pakistan. There is havoc of the fourth wave of corona in many areas of Sindh and the cases seem to be increasing again. Only 1 percent of the population of Pakistan, dependent on China for the vaccine, has been given both doses. Vaccination centers have been closed due to shortage in many cities.

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