India’s Ran way prepared near PAK border, Sukhoi-Jaguar landed, Rajnath said – ready for every challenge

A special airstrip was started on Barmer Highway in Rajasthan’s Jalore on Thursday. Air Force fighter planes like Sukhoi and Jaguar showed their strength here and landed on the highway on the border with Pakistan.

It was launched in the presence of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. The special thing is that both the ministers also came on this airstrip by special Air Force aircraft.

India ready for any challenge: Rajnath

In this program, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that this airstrip is at some distance from the Pakistan border, it proves that India is always ready for any challenge. three km. This long stretch has been prepared in 19 months, it has been prepared even during the Corona period.

Rajnath Singh said that three helipads have also been prepared along with the airstrip, in such a situation, they will be of great use not only in war but also during natural calamity or any other calamity. The three armies of India are always ready to help the common people.

The Defense Minister said that the forces have always supported the border. Such airstrips are being prepared at 20 places on the highway in different parts of the country, helipads are also being built at different places.

Located at a distance from the border of Pakistan, it is about 4 km. Air Force fighters will be able to land on long airstrips. Here on Thursday, Sukhoi fighter aircraft flypassed on the runway, as well as Jaguar and other Air Force aircraft were also seen here during this time.

The special thing is that this airstrip is near the India-Pakistan border, so it will be of great importance strategically in future as well. This type of airstrip has many important roles on the highway, there will also be a facility to park about four aircraft.

The Air Force has been continuously focusing on making such airstrips on the National Highway in different parts of the country for some time now. This is the first National Highway, where such an airstrip has been prepared. Earlier, Sukhoi has also landed on Agra-Lucknow Expressway of Uttar Pradesh.

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