Indians can travel to these 18 countries, know what are the rules of ‘air bubble’

The Government of India has recently extended the period of ban on international flights till 30 September. However, through the air bubble system, at present it is possible for international flights to arrive in 49 cities. Explain that under the air bubble facility, two countries operate international flights with certain rules and restrictions.

According to the ministry, these flights can be booked through the official website of Air India and through Air India’s office and travel agent. Let us tell you that on September 3, India and Bangladesh have started flights with the Air Bubble Agreement. After this Air India and Indigo and domestic airlines will operate flights to Dhaka.

Indians can travel in these countries

Under the Air Bubble Agreement, India is operating flights to Bahrain, Canada, France, Germany, Kenya, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, Oman, Qatar, Russia, United Arab Emirates, UK, USA and Sri Lanka.

At the same time, some countries have also relaxed the rules of travel from India. The Philippines has announced the lifting of restrictions on India on Saturday. At the same time, Turkey has abolished the mandatory 14-day quarantine rule for people who have had both doses of the vaccine.

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