Indian Railway: Trains will run on hydrogen fuel! Indian Railways took this big step

Taking a big step under the National Hydrogen Energy Mission, Indian Railways has taken a historic decision to run trains through hydrogen fuel cells.

Indian Railway Organization of Alternate Fuel (IROAF) has approved the development of Hydrogen Fuel based technology by retrofitting a Diesel Electrical Multiple Unit (DEMU) in 89 km Sonipat-Jind section of Northern Railway. Bid invited.

Initially, hydrogen fuel cells will be installed in India by changing two rakes of DEMU vehicles. Later, the narrow gauge engines will be converted to hydrogen fuel cell systems. This will not cause any problem to the loco pilot.

Converting diesel-powered DEMU to hydrogen cell technology will not only save Rs 2.3 crore annually, but also reduce emissions of 11.12 kilotons of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and 0.72 kilotons of carbon dioxide per year.

It is considered to be the cleanest energy model ever. After the successful completion of this experiment, all diesel-powered engines will be converted into hydrogen fuel cell engines. Bids for Hydrogen Fuel Cell based DEMU Rake will start from 21st September 2021 and will run till 5th October.

Explain that to promote hydrogen mobility in the country, under the National Hydrogen Energy Mission, the Railways has taken a big step keeping in mind the announcements made in the budget. Green energy can be utilized by this, due to which the production of carbon dioxide is zero. There are very few countries, which are using this method in power generation. One rake of this has been tested in Germany. At the same time, a trial of one rake has been done in Poland.

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