Indian officials come to Dominica and ask whatever questions you want, I have left the country only for treatment

Mehul Choksi, an accused in the Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam, has made an offer to India. He has asked Indian officials to come to Dominica and ask any questions related to his investigation. Choksi has claimed that he left India only for treatment. He is a law abiding citizen. Choksi has said these things in his affidavit sent to the Dominica High Court.

According to the Times of India report, Choksi said in the affidavit that Indian officials can question in connection with any investigation against me. I offer him to come here and ask questions. I have not tried to avoid any agency in India. When I was leaving India for treatment in America, no warrant was issued against me by any agency.

Choksi gave these arguments in the affidavit

  1. I also have no intention of avoiding court proceedings in Dominica. There is no apprehension of my running away as the Red Corner Notice is issued. A red corner notice is not an international warrant, it is just an appeal to surrender.
  2. Interpol is appealing on behalf of India to find me and start the process of extradition to India. This process has started. I do not intend to leave Dominica.
  3. Yes, I want to go to Antigua with the permission of the court. There are two pending cases against me in Antigua and Barbuda. I have filed these cases myself. These are about whether I should be extradited to India or not. I have been present in every appearance of the Antigua Court. I am a law abiding citizen. I have not had any allegations against me before.
  4. I am afraid that my health will deteriorate further if I remain in police custody. I am 62 years old and I have serious health problems. I am diabetic, have a clot in my brain, heart problem and other problems too. Give me bail
  5. If the court says, I can pay a substantial amount of bail in cash. I will stay here till the end of the wrongful entry case against me in Dominica, I will not run away. I will also bear the cost of living here. I can even afford my own security, I don’t want any security from Dominica.

Vigilance was living in Antigua before reaching Dominica
Mehul Choksi had been living there since 2018 with Antigua citizenship, but suddenly went missing on 23 May. Two days later, he was caught in Dominica. In the midst of this whole matter, a letter from Antigua Prime Minister Gaston Brown has also come to the fore, in which it has been said that Mehul had hidden information related to citizenship.

In a letter dated 14 October 2019, Brown said, “I propose to pass an order pursuant to Section 8 of the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Act, Cap 22, to deprive you of the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda on the ground of willful suppression of facts.” To be.’

Custody challenged in High Court
Choksi is accused of illegally entering Dominica, but has challenged his custody in the High Court. Choksi claims that he was kidnapped from Antigua-Barbuda and brought to Dominica. However, the public prosecutor opposed Choksi’s claim, saying that he had illegally entered Dominica and was taken into custody for this reason.

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