India is He or She? Debate broke out on Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, know whose reasoning is right

Rahul Gandhi wrote in his tweet ‘India remembers her #flyingSikh’. Twitter trolls sat on Rahul Gandhi with grain and water regarding this same thing.

Rahul Gandhi Tweet: The country’s great athlete Milkha Singh died late on Friday night from Corona. The whole country paid tribute to him through Twitter on his passing, but Rahul Gandhi became a victim of trolls for his tweet. Rahul Gandhi wrote in his tweet ‘India remembers her #flyingSikh’. Twitter trolls sat on Rahul Gandhi with grain and water regarding this same thing.

People wrote in response to the tweet that they should have written ‘India remembers his #flyingSikh’ but they spoiled the gender of India by writing her instead of his. People made fun of his English and went up to Shashi Tharoor.

These foreign stars have named their daughters India

  • Former South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes has named his daughter India Jeanne Rhodes.
  • British actress Emma Ferguson has named her daughter India Fox Owen.
  • Chris Hemsworth, the very famous actor who played the role of Thor in Marvel films, has also named his daughter India Rose.

Apart from these, Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan, American song-writer Eric Benet, Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and American actress Marisol Nichols have also named their daughters as India. The special thing is that everyone has named their daughters as India, while no son has been given this name. In such a situation, to assume that there is a mistake in English in Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, it cannot be said to be correct.

What is the grammar of the English language
Dr Dhananjay Singh, English professor at JNU says, “Although it’s used in such an address in other countries, but no one does it in the context of India. While according to me it’s right. But if someone uses the word her Even if it is used, it is taken according to the beliefs of India, where the country has been feminized, which is a matter of debate apart from grammar.

Dr. Savita Pathak, an English teacher at DU’s Maitreyi College, says that our country has a different recognition from other countries of the world. Where in other countries the country is called Father Land, in India it is called Mother Land. In this sense, India i.e. Mother India happened and when we have to speak with Mother that India is remembering its Flying Sikh. So here the use of her for “your” would be considered correct. Giving another example, she says that as in the word patriot (patriotic), patri means father, which is broadly used to mean country, but it is not so in India, yet the word patriot is in practice here. Therefore, in the case of second language, all kinds of pits and muds are seen in India. Accordingly, the use of her with India cannot be called wrong.

Senior Professor of the Department of English in DU, on the condition of anonymity, said that while the country is masculine in Hindi, the country is feminine. The other aspect of this is the notion of Mother India while writing India, so it will not be called wrong. On the other hand, if the word nation was used here instead of India, then the use of his would have been appropriate, the use of her in the context of the rest of India would not be considered wrong.

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