In Jabalpur, a Dalit youth shaved his head and wore a garland of shoes, 4 arrested

In Jabalpur, a Dalit youth was allegedly punished for falling in love with an upper caste girl by shaving his head and wearing a garland of shoes around his neck. Jabalpur Police has arrested four people on this charge.
According to the Jabalpur Police, Raj Kumar Dehria, a resident of Daman Khamaria village, lodged a complaint and made such allegations. The distance from Jabalpur to Daman Khamaria village is 40 kilometers. Raj Kumar Dehariya said in the complaint that his head was shaved and tied with a chain, a garland of shoes was put around his neck and he was carried around the village.
According to the allegation of Raj Kumar Dehariya, the family members of the girl whom he loved did all this. Raj Kumar Dehria said in the complaint that the accused, while doing all this, also made a video and it was shared on many social media platforms.
Jabalpur Deputy Superintendent of Police Ravi Chauhan told Aaj Tak, the victim told the police in the complaint that he fell in love with an upper caste girl from the same village and also gifted her a mobile phone recently. Seeing the new mobile phone with the girl, her family got suspicious. After this, the family members of the girl called Raj Kumar Dehariya to their house. Then his head was folded and rolled in the village. “
The police took possession of the video shared on social media for investigation. The accused were identified as Pawan, Shiv Kumar, Nanhe Lal and Ghanshyam. A case has been registered against all the accused under several sections of the Prevention of Atrocities Act and Indian Penal Code.

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