If you have these apps in your smartphone then delete it immediately or else you can be a victim of hacking.

There is a lot of personal information in the phone. Many hackers keep trying to take it. For this, they also try to install malware in the phone. It is better not to install many apps on the phone. By using such apps, hackers try to hack your personal details. Here we are telling you about some such Android apps that you should avoid installing.

Cleaner Apps for Android

There are many cleaner apps available for Android. These apps track your data along with wiping the cache memory. These apps demand many types of permissions after being installed. Apps work only after giving these permissions. It shows such ads, clicking on which can make your phone a victim of malware.

Weather Apps for Android

Many weather-telling apps prove to be quite fatal for your smartphone. Such apps are quite popular but they can prove to be harmful for your phone. Many such apps have in-built trojans that can collect data and send it to hackers.


Many VPN apps are available for Android which is true but according to the analysis some VPN apps collect personal data of users. They even steal the credit card details of the users. Apart from this, they also steal personal chats and even photos.

Antivirus Apps

Antivirus coming from unknown developers can prove to be dangerous for your personal data. Some apps lock your phone completely.

Browser Apps

Many third party browser apps do not fully protect data transmission. This means your valuable data can be misused

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