If there is no job then what is Sunday, what is Monday! Rahul Gandhi takes a dig at BJP government’s development

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has again attacked the Narendra Modi government at the Center regarding the status of jobs in the country. Rahul Gandhi has tweeted that if there are no jobs in the country, then what is Sunday, is it Monday? The Congress leader said that the development model of the BJP government is such that the difference between Sunday and Monday has ended.

Writing his ‘Sunday Thought’ on Sunday, the Congress leader tweeted, “The BJP government’s ‘Vikas’ is such that the difference between Sunday-Monday has been eliminated… if there is no job then what is Sunday, what is Monday!”

In fact, Rahul Gandhi has reacted to the news in which American auto giant Ford has decided to withdraw its business from the Indian market. Let us tell you that the automobile company Ford is closing its business in India. Even before this, some auto companies like Fiat, Mann, General Motors have closed their business in India in the last few years.

In the news to which Rahul Gandhi has given his response, it has been claimed that 4000 small and big companies may be affected by the Ford Company closing its business in India and the jobs of many people may be in danger. On this, Rahul Gandhi has said that the BJP government has brought such a development that the difference of Sunday-Monday has ended, when people do not have jobs, then what is Sunday and what is Monday.

Congress attacking on employment-farmer

The Congress is continuously attacking the central government over the employment and unemployment figures in the country. Responding to the unemployment figures released by the National Statistical Office on September 10, Rahul had said that the Modi government has made the country a “self-reliant” dark city by “developing”.

Apart from this, raising the issue of farmers, Congress has said that the farmer of the country was promised to double the income by 2022, but closer to 2022, it is known that the debt on farmer families has increased. What kind of rhetorical government is this, which is cheating even the Annadata.

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