‘If Shamita won Bigg Boss the question will arise, there is a connection with the controversy-Karan Johar is the reason’ said Kamya Punjabi

Bigg Boss has been such a platform where as soon as it comes to the show, a war breaks out between the supporters on social media. Many times the contestants are not deterred from trolling.

At the same time, along with social media, there have been many such occasions in Bigg Boss house, where the contestants have tried to humiliate each other. Many times there have been many stories like personal comments, body shaming, age shaming. For the past few days, many contestants are making personal comments on Shamita Shetty regarding her age.

It’s a matter of age, look at Salman Khan

On the age shaming happening on the show, Kamya Punjabi says ‘I have also heard that there is talk of age shaming about Shamita. I consider it a ridiculous idea. Man is not judged by his age. Even if Shamita wins, there are problems for her. People will say that the controversy or Karan knows Johar from outside. Achievement of such people is not counted. They are told that they are favourites. When it comes to age, look at our host Salman Khan. How many good ones can they make water yellow. At the same time, Siddharth was also 40 years old. Look at the fan following and craze of that 40 year old boy. There was a time when he was fighting all alone with the family members. The guy has won the trophy and he deserves it, so it is better not to talk about age.

Trolls still call it ‘Oye Divorcee’

There have also been personal attacks on Kamya Punjabi. On the trolling on herself, Kamya says, ‘I am still trolled by people. You go to my Twitter and see, people have started commenting like Hi Divorce, Oye Divorsi. It goes on. It doesn’t matter to me. This has happened to me every year. It happened even when I was inside Bigg Boss and when I have come out, it happens even then. I keep watching Bigg Boss and post whatever I feel is right. Doesn’t matter what people are saying. Because it’s not my own. On the other hand, Kamya says on re-entry, if I get a call for re-entry, then I will think. I haven’t planned anything yet. Well, I love that place.’

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