I don’t get awed by trajectory of my life, the kind of country we are amazes me: PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed India as a nation of opportunities and said that he believes India can achieve anything. The prime minister stated that it shows the strength of democracy when the nation picked a poor individual like him and put their trust in him with such huge responsibilities. PM Modi also added that he gets awed by the kind of country we are. 

In an interview with the ‘Open Magazine’, the prime minister said, “I don’t get awed by the trajectory of my own life. I get awed by the kind of country we are and our people, who can pick a poor child and make him reach where I have. I feel privileged that the people of this country have given me such huge responsibilities and continue to repose their trust in me. This is the strength of our democracy.”

PM Modi also said that he perceives his journey to the top position in a very different light. He said, “As for me selling tea as a child and later becoming the prime minister of our nation, I see this very differently from how you see it. I feel that the 130 crore people of India have the same capabilities that I have. What I have achieved, can be achieved by anyone. If I can, anyone can!” 

“In the eyes of the world, being prime minister and chief minister may be a very big thing but in my own eyes, these are ways to do something for the people,” he added. 

Additionally, the prime minister revealed that he believes that Indians can achieve anything. “Where I started, where I reached, what I did, what my individual experiences are, these things do not matter much. What matters is that this shows that any Indian can achieve anything,” PM Modi said. 

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