Historic decision of the people of Switzerland, allowed marriage to same-sex couples

On Sunday, the people of Switzerland, taking a historic decision, allowed same-sex couples to get married. 64.1 percent of the voters supported this decision and cast their vote on the same basis. With this decision, Switzerland has decided to give these rights to same-sex couples like many other countries of Western Europe.

Marriage allowed to gay couples

By the way, in the year 2007 itself, gay people had been given the right to live together by Switzerland. In such a situation, now in the same episode, gay people have been allowed to get married, giving more rights. People supporting this decision believe that now legally homosexual people will be able to get many rights which they were deprived of earlier. Now those children will also be able to adopt and they will also get citizenship.

What did the opponents say?

Those who opposed the proposal saw same-sex marriage hurt the family structure. In this connection, a voter argued that the child needs the love of both a mother and father, so he did not support this decision and voted against it. But on the other hand another voter who supported this proposal said that the child only needs love and respect. It is not necessary for him to have both mother and father. That voter even said that in some cases children in opposite couples do not get respect and love. In such a situation, he has welcomed this proposal.

However, many countries in Western Europe are already recognizing same-sex marriages. There they are also being given many rights. But when it comes to Central and Eastern Europe, there are still no two women or two men allowed to marry.

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