Hearts start meeting in Bigg Boss, wants to get married with Prateek Sahajpal

Fights and fights are increasing in TV’s popular Controversial show ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. Contestants are being able to entertain the audience continuously. Along with this, love is flourishing inside this house. 20-year-old Muskan Jattana (Moose) is very fond of contestants Pratak Sahajpal. Many times he has been seen expressing love for the symbol. Even Muskaan Jattana has proposed Prateek for marriage, about which Prateek has told Karan Nath. When Karan Nath is embracing the smile, Prateek is seen laughing seeing all this. Later, Muskan is also seen expressing her feelings towards Prateek in front of Divya.

Muskan expressed love to Prateek Muskaan said, “I am fed up, I am just over. Now you like me. I am the only one, I listen, if you love, what should I do? I die, I have no feelings?” After this, Divya Aggarwal tells her love story with boyfriend Varun Sood. Divya told Varun that if both of them will get married, Varun’s reaction on this was that have you become crazy?

Let us tell you that Muskan Jatana openly told about bisexuality on the show. He had said that if a girl liked him, he would stay with her. According to the report, when Prateek asks Moose about him, Moose tells that he is a bisexual. Moose also said that she feels more attracted to boys, but her connection with girls is equally important. Moose said that if her bond with a girl is strong, she will give more importance to settling with a girl rather than a boy.

Let us inform that Moose has gone to Bigg Boss house as Nishant Bhatt’s connection, but she shares the best bond with Prateek and is mostly seen with him. Many people including Nishant Bhatt, Shamita Shetty, Karan Nath, Riddhima Pandit, Neha Bhasin, Milind Gaba have participated in this show.

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