Gyanraj is the first contestant of KBC 13, life’s dream is to do good to people

The 13th season of Kaun Banega Crorepati is about to begin. As usual, this time too Amitabh Bachchan is hosting the show. The name of the first contestant of the show is Gyanraj and he is from Jharkhand. Aaj Tak spoke to Gyanraj. During this, Gyanraj talked about his expectations and attitude towards life. He shared his thoughts about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and gave the credit of his life’s success to his mother.

How did your first meeting with the superhero of the century turn out to be?

It was absolutely a dream come true situation. It is everyone’s dream to meet Amitabh ji. Sitting in front of them live is a big deal in itself. It is like a number, when we look at us, then more enthusiasm comes.

Was this your first time appearing in Kaun Banega Crorepati or have you tried before?

This was the first attempt. Didn’t think that I would get the good fortune of sitting on the hot seat in the first place itself. It was never a coincidence. When I got time to think due to Corona, I participated in this show and won the first time.

Did Big B’s personality affect you during the game?

As soon as my name was announced that I was the first selected contestant, I was in a bit of a shock to sit on the hot seat. But as soon as I went to him and met him, I got confidence. Despite being such a great personality, he makes the person in front feel very comfortable. After talking to him for a few moments, everything seemed normal.

How much money did you win in the show? Is it more or less than you expected?

Not allowed to say much now. But I did not go on the show thinking how much money it is. The only wish was to take my work to the stage of KBC. I am very happy with the amount I have earned.

Do you want to do good to the people in many rural areas with your work? Was there ever pressure from family members to earn more money?

No, my family members encouraged me a lot. My mother is my biggest teacher and she said that you can live a good and comfortable life if you want. But if you can come back to the village and show the way to the children, then 1000 engineers can be born here. These things of his made home in me. People still tell me that you would like to do a job. Everyone’s thinking of becoming successful is still to do a job. But I think that the work I am doing will probably bring some change.

What is your biggest goal of teaching and providing education to children?

It always happens to us that if you want to set a goal, then do it big. My goal or dream is to bring children who have studied from me by winning the Nobel Prize. It’s not a big big dream but I want to reach there.

What kind of challenges did you face while teaching children? What kind of support did you get from the state government?

As far as assistance is concerned, at present we are not getting any kind of help from the state government. But I am very grateful to him for the concept he brought from the Central Government and the Honorable Prime Minister and provided it to our school. There are many problems in rural areas, especially financially. But we are trying, if we continue to get more support like this, then we will be able to work even better. Second challenge The parents of the children used to refuse to teach them all that what you are teaching all this. Teach their school books. But when some of my students started getting awards and certificates, then people and parents understood its importance.

How much benefit will you get through KBC in the coming time for this noble cause?

First of all, the work that I was doing for 4 years, now the whole world has come to know about it. It will be of great benefit. Most of the people are unaware of your work by working in the village. Right now I am confined to school children but because of KBC platform, maybe now I can join any online platform or YouTube. So that I can reach more and more children and share my knowledge with them.

You have been selected as advisor to PM? How responsible do you feel for this position?

Feels very proud that I am a member of their group.

How was the opportunity to meet with the PM?

We have only met online now. Haven’t got a chance to meet face to face at the moment. I hope that I will definitely get a beautiful opportunity to meet him myself.

What was your family’s reaction to seeing you on TV for the first time?

My mother and sister were present on the show with me. But Papa is very excited and happy. They have no idea how much money I have won and what has happened in the show. There is still a surprise for them which they will come to know while watching the show.

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