Gurugram: Wife had illicit relationship with three men, husband could not tolerate and hanged himself; This thing was written in the suicide note

Gurugram: A man living in Gurugram Haryana committed suicide by hanging himself. The man told in the suicide note that his wife had an extra-marital affair with three people, due to which the man was very upset and he took such a big step due to depression.

This case is of Sector 50 of Gurugram. Akhilesh, who committed suicide, worked as a supervisor in a private school in Gurugram. Before committing suicide, the man wrote a suicide note in which he mentioned his wife’s illicit relations with other men. The police have found this suicide note.

This step was taken due to stress

According to the police, the deceased Akhilesh is originally from Madhya Pradesh. When he came to know about his wife’s illicit relations with non-men, he tried to convince his wife. But the wife did not listen to a single word of him, after which due to tension, the man committed suicide by hanging.

The family members made allegations of abetment to suicide

The family members of Akhilesh told the police that the conduct of the wife of the deceased was not good. Because of this, Akhilesh and his family tried to convince him many times. But the woman did not listen to anyone.

The deceased’s brother Ramavatar has filed a case against his wife and mother-in-law. Ramavatar has alleged that his brother’s wife Somvati and his mother-in-law Chandrabai instigated the man to commit suicide. The police have started investigating the matter by registering a complaint.

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