Government warned about the third wave, said – no herd immunity yet, next 125 days are very important

Amid increasing negligence on the part of people amid decreasing cases of corona, the central government on Friday said that India has not yet achieved herd immunity against Covid-19, which does not rule out the possibility of a new outbreak of viral infection. can be done. Also said that the next 125 days will be very important to stop the epidemic.

NITI Aayog member (health) Dr VK Paul said that we now need to stop the spread of infection and this is possible only by adopting covid-appropriate behaviour.

He said that we have not yet reached herd immunity against Corona. We can see this as a new outbreak of viral infection but we need to stop it now. It is possible if we follow corona-appropriate behavior to stay in a safe zone. He said that the next 125 days will be “extremely important” for India in the fight against Corona.

Regarding the third wave, Dr VK Paul said that the situation has gone from bad to worse in most areas. Overall, the world is moving towards the third wave. The warning on the third wave of WHO cannot be taken lightly, it is a red flag.

Decline in the use of masks: Health Ministry

After the decline in corona cases, many restrictions have been relaxed and efforts are being made to bring normal life back on track, but during the unlock a large number of people are not following the corona guidelines. The Health Ministry said that the use of masks has declined in recent times.

Lav Aggarwal, Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry said that the figures show that there has been an estimated decline in the use of face masks after the resumption of activities. We should include the use of face masks in our life as a normal process.

The Health Ministry said that during the second wave, more than 4 lakh cases were coming in the country. But now the active case load in the country has come down to 4.3 lakhs. Meanwhile, the target of vaccination in the country has reached 39 crore doses.

Luv Aggarwal said that once again the cases of corona are increasing. There is also a spurt in new cases in neighboring countries. Cases are increasing in Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh. A third wave warning has been issued in Malaysia and Bangladesh. And this wave will be more than the peak of the second wave.

PM Modi’s discussion with the CMs of 6 states

On behalf of the Ministry of Health, it was said that the PM spoke to the Chief Ministers of 6 states (Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Odisha) today. PM Narendra Modi said that more new cases are still being registered in some states. PM has emphasized on the strategies of Kovid.

PM Modi has told these states that PM Cares has approved PSA plants. A nodal officer will be appointed to oversee this work and they should be set up in the next 15 days. He said that children can also be vulnerable and proper planning is needed for their safety.

NITI Aayog Member (Health) Dr VK Paul said that the vaccine dose was able to reduce the mortality rate by 82%. Whereas during the second wave, two doses of the vaccine were successful in preventing 95% of deaths due to corona.

Health Ministry officials say that the data from the Government of India shows that the areas where there has been an increase in community mobility. The level of resumption of mobility in red-coloured districts has moved closer to pre-corona times. The Government of India says that this may affect the spread of infection in these districts.

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