Government launched helpline for cyber fraud, know complete process for solution

In view of the increasing cases of cybercrime in the country, the government has issued a helpline number. Cybercrime can be reported here. This helpline can prove to be beneficial for people whose money is being lost due to cyber fraud. If someone has stolen money from your account by fraud, then it will help you. Let us explain in detail how this helpline will work and what you will have to do.

A complaint can be lodged by calling this helpline number 155260 issued by the Home Ministry. In case of cybercrime fraud, you can call here. Let us tell you that it was soft launched on 1st April 2021, but now it is operational.

According to the government, the helpline number 155260 has been made operational by the Indian Crime Coordination Center. For this, the share of other big banks, wallets, online merchants and payment banks including Reserve Bank of India has also been ensured.

The Citizen Financial Cyber Fraud Reporting and Management System has been prepared by the Cyber Crime Coordination Center i.e. 14C. Under this, at present there will be seven states which include Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Telangana, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. That is, people living here will be able to complain if there is a cyber fraud.

In the coming time, it will be made ready for the whole country. Then cyber fraud can be reported by calling this number from anywhere. The soft launch took place two months ago and it is being told that within two months, people have saved Rs 1.85 crore from falling into the hands of fraud. Of these, Rs 58 lakh is left in Delhi and Rs 53 lakh is left from Rajasthan.

Hacker Hacker using phone at dark

According to the government, this will empower banks and police, because new age technology has been used in it, through which information related to online fraud is shared in almost real time.

What can be done if cyber fraud happens to you? You can call on 155260. There are people from the State Police here. Police will note down your details and basic personal details will be asked. After this the ticket will be generated and the operator will enter it in the Citizen Financial Cyber ​​Fraud Reporting and Management System.

After the ticket is generated, the details will go to the bank where it is the case. Or if there is a case of any online wallet, then they will be informed about it. An acknowledgment message will come to the victim to register the complaint. After this, all the documents related to the fraud will have to be uploaded on the cybercriminal reporting portal. The cybercrime reporting portal can be accessed at The details have to be filled here along with the acknowledgment number within 24 hours of making the call.

After this process, the bank in whose case it is, that is, the bank account from which your money has been fraudulent will be checked. The bank internals will check and see whether the money is in the same bank or the scammers have transferred it to another bank. If not done, the bank will put that money on hold and scammers will not be able to withdraw the money. If the money has gone to the other bank then the ticket will be forwarded to the other bank.

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