Gmail: Today is the last day, no preparation, so you may not be able to send or receive email from tomorrow.

You have read a lot about Google Photos for the last few days. For example, we will not be able to upload free photos from June 1. But this is not the only thing, it is more than that. Because from 1st June most of the Gmail account users are going to be affected.

The first thing is that if you have been using Google Photos to backup your photos, then from tomorrow it will not be free. The second thing is that you have to understand how many photos or videos are uploaded in Google Photos.

There are three types of photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos. These have high quality, express quality and original quality. High quality and express quality are still free. But there is still money to be paid for the original quality. What will change from tomorrow?

From tomorrow you will have to pay for uploading all three quality photos or videos on Google Photos. How much money will have to be paid and whether Google’s plan will tell about it further. Before this, know what you are getting.

If you have a Gmail account then you will get 15GB of space. This space is not just for uploading photos and videos, but everything will be in this space. Everything means emails of all your Gmail, photos of Google Drive and photos or videos uploaded on Google Photos. In such a situation, this space is not much for the hardcore smartphone users. What will happen to the previously backed up photos? This is a big question, also know the answer.

Actually, Google has given some relief to the people here. There will be no need to make any changes to the photos or videos stores on your Google Photos before June 1. Because Google has said that it will not count in 15GB of space. That is, you can leave the old photos and use them anytime later. If tomorrow your account shows 15GB full, then you have to remove the space by deleting the emails or photos of the account. Because emails will not be sent or received in case the space becomes full.

Talking about Google Photos plans, you will get monthly and annual plans here. For 100GB, Rs 149 will have to be paid per month or Rs 1,499 for a year. For 200GB, you will have to pay Rs 219 every month or Rs 2,199 every year. For 2TB space, you have to pay Rs 749 every month or Rs 7,500 a year.

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