‘Girls Should Not be Given Phones as it Leads to Rapes: UP Women’s Commission Member Meena Kumari

Noida: A member of the Uttar Pradesh Women’s Commission has struck a controversy after she allegedly said that girls should not be given mobile phones as it leads to rapes. The woman member, Meena Kumari made the remarks during a Mahila Jansunwai (public hearing of complaints related to women) in the Aligarh district. As per reports, Kumari made the comment while responding to a question related to the rising number of rape cases in the state. 

“Girls talks with boys and later run away with them,” a report in Times of India quoted Meena Kumari. The woman member did not stop at this. She also went on to blame parents, especially mothers, and urged them to monitor their daughters stating that their “careless attitude leads to crimes against women”.

Kumari further added that she listens to grievances of around 20 women daily and at least five to seven cases are related to friendships over cellphones. “In many cases, girls were lured to a certain place and then sexually assaulted,” she said.

However, later, Kumar even tried to clarify her remarks saying that girls from villages don’t know “how to use phones in the right way.” She said girls use phones to make friendship with males and then run away. She said smartphones are also being used to watch inappropriate content.

Soon after Kumari’s statement sparked controversy, the state commission has distanced itself from her statement. Reacting to the statement, the commission said that not allowing girls to use mobile phones cannot be a solution to the problem.

Terming Kumari’s statement as wrong, Vice President of the Commission, Anju Chaudhary said, “Instead of saying that we should not give mobile phones to girls, we should be teaching them not to chat with strangers and educate them on the safe use of Mobile Phones.”

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