Ghaziabad: Welfare officer used to talk double meaning to female employee, suspended

Ghaziabad District Social Welfare Officer Nadeem Siddiqui was suspended on charges of molesting and indecently with a female employee. The order was issued on Friday by the Principal Secretary, Social Welfare Department, K Ravindra Nayak.

In fact, a female employee in the Ghaziabad District Social Welfare Department had made serious allegations against Nadeem Siddiqui. The woman employee had alleged that the District Social Welfare Officer Nadeem Siddiqui had indecent with her and he used to talk double meaning. Not only this, the woman also created a lot of ruckus in the office.

Action taken on these allegations

In the order issued by the secretary, it has been said that Nadeem Siddiqui was asked to use double meaning words to the supervisory female employee posted in the Social Welfare Department for unnecessary talk, harassing her by calling at night, mentally harassing her, misbehaving towards women. and is suspended for committing serious indiscipline like outraging his honor.

Disciplinary action will be taken against siddiqui

According to the order, while suspending Siddiqui, he has been attached to the Directorate of Social Welfare, Lucknow during the period of suspension. Disciplinary action will also be taken against them.

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