Germany carpark allocates parking spots for LGBTQ community and migrants

New Delhi: In an act of support, a car park in Germany reserved three spots for the LGBTQ community and migrants. The wall behind the cars has been painted in rainbow colours with words “Vielfalt Parkplätze” (diversity spaces) adorning them. 

Hanauer Parkhaus GmbH (HPG) who created these diversity spaces said it was done to help people who want “a particular need for protection”.

Citing German paper Berliner Zeitung, Pink News quoted Thomas Morlock, Hanau councillor and chairman of the supervisory board of HPG as saying, “The sometimes homophobic and xenophobic reactions make it clear that the action was right and necessary.” 

These ‘diversity spaces’ which have rainbow or pride flag on the walls are specifically monitored by security cameras. It remains unclear how the authorities will decide if those parking in these car spaces are part of the LGBT+ community or migrants or not. 

Defending the idea, Morlock said HPG wants to set a “conspicuously colourful symbol” for “diversity and tolerance”. He added that the parking spots are not necessarily “for a separate group of people” but can be used by whoever wants to take a stand against hatred and exclusion.

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