Former Team India star: Farooq Engineer said – Indians were the first ‘bloody Indians’ for the British, they started licking our shoes after IPL

The England Cricket Board (ECB) has banned young cricketer Olly Robinson from playing international matches on the basis of a 9-year-old tweet. This restriction will continue till the completion of the investigation. Robinson made several offensive tweets against Asian people, women and Muslims from 2012 to 2013. Farooq Engineer, the former wicketkeeper of the Indian team living in England, has now given his statement on this matter. He has also talked about the racist thinking present in England’s cricket and society there.

Called the statement of the PM of England regrettable
Farooq Engineer has termed the statement of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the Robinson case as regrettable. Johnson had said that the ban imposed on Robinson was too harsh a punishment. The former India star said that the prime minister’s jump in such matters is wrong. The England Cricket Board (ECB) has taken a good step by banning Robinson. The mistake must be punished. This will send a message to everyone that they will not be saved by making mistakes.

There was discrimination in Lancashire County Cricket
Engineer said Indian cricketers were discriminated against in Lancashire county cricket when they played cricket. He believes that after the success of the Indian Premier League, the British have softened their stand. Once upon a time we used to consider Indians as Bloody Indians. Now they are licking our shoes.

People become wiser in 18 years
The engineer said that many people have been defending Robinson by saying that he was only 18 years old when he wrote such a post. According to the engineer, people become wise in 18 years and the mistake of that time also cannot be erased in the same way.

People used to ask if I am from India
Engineer told that when he came to play for Lancashire County, people associated with the county used to ask if he was from India. When he asked this, his tone was sarcastic. Apart from this, the British used to make fun of his pronunciation. The engineer added, ‘However, he soon came to know that my English was better than his. Then they did not mess with me.’

Geoffrey Boycott openly called Bloody Indians
Engineer told in a podcast with Cyrus Bharucha that former England Test opener Geoffrey Boycott openly called Indians as Bloody Indians. The engineer said that even though other players did not speak openly, the same thing was in their mind.

IPL bowed down to the British
The engineer said that after the start of IPL, India suddenly became better for the British. The current cricketers are eager to play in the IPL. Former cricketers also keep praising India. For them now working in India for a few months every year and doing TV shows is very pleasing to the British. They now lick our shoes for money.

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