Formation of Taliban government postponed again, PAK delegation including ISI Chief General reached Kabul

The formation of the Taliban government in Afghanistan has been postponed again. Meanwhile, a delegation of Pakistan has reached Kabul on the invitation of Taliban. ISI Chief General Faiz Hamid is also included in this delegation along with the officers. Before the formation of the government, such a relationship of Taliban with Pakistan is going to raise many questions.

Although the Taliban has an old relationship with Pakistan, but the arrival of the Pakistani delegation before the formation of the government is not an alarm bell for India. Discussions of Pakistan’s interference in the formation of the Talibani government are also in full swing. At the same time, the closeness between the Haqqani network and the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is well known.

Claim: Taliban will form government within 2-3 days

Let us inform that the news agency Reuters had quoted the Taliban as claiming that the Taliban would form their new government in Kabul on Friday, but due to some reasons this could not happen late in the evening. After this, the spokesman of the Taliban talked about the formation of a new government on Saturday, but even today it was averted. Now it is being said that within 2-3 days the Taliban will form the government in Afghanistan. But before that the Pakistani delegation reaching Kabul is shocking.

The path of Taliban is not looking easy

At the same time, there are reports of rift between Mullah Yakub, son of Taliban founder Mullah Omar, and Sirajuddin Haqqani over the control of troops and arms. According to intelligence officials, there is a difference of opinion between the two regarding justice, religious affairs and internal security departments. In the midst of all these challenges, the path of Taliban is not looking easy.

Obstacle in the way of Panjsheel Taliban

The Taliban have claimed complete control of Afghanistan. The news agency Reuters quoted Taliban sources as saying that the Taliban had now gained control of Panjshir as well. Till now it was occupied by the anti-Taliban faction. However, this claim has been rejected by former Vice-President Amrulla Saleh. At the same time, Ahmed Masood, the head of the Resistance Force, said that the Taliban would conquer Panjshir, that day would be my last day in the Valley.

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