Foreign Ministry bluntly on PoK elections – election illegal, Pakistan should vacate the area

A strong comment has been made by the Ministry of External Affairs on the elections held in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). He has clearly said that the elections have been conducted there illegally, which has been rejected outright by the people there. It has been clearly said from their side that Pakistan should immediately vacate all those areas of India and stop the ongoing human rights abuses there.

India called PoK elections illegal

The statement issued said that the elections held in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir are illegal and only an attempt by Pakistan to hide the fact that they have illegally occupied these areas. On behalf of India, the Pakistani authorities have been protested in this regard. What has been said that these elections cannot hide the truth that how people are being treated in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, how human rights are being violated there.

Strong message to Pakistan

Giving a message, Pakistan has been told that they have no right over PoK and they should immediately vacate all the areas which have been illegally occupied. Let us inform that in the election about which India has given a strong comment, Imran Khan’s party Tehreek-e-Insaf has won the maximum number of seats. But there have been allegations of rigging on a large scale in that election. In such a situation, there is a dispute about that election in PoK, while India has rejected it outright.

Mirror shown to china

The Ministry of External Affairs has not made a strong comment only on PoK elections. A clear message has been given on the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) that their corridor passes through Indian soil, so India strongly opposes every step that changes the status quo. Even before this, India has opposed this project at every level.

Keeping an eye on Afghanistan

By the way, Afghanistan has also been discussed in detail on behalf of the Ministry of External Affairs in PC. On the situation worsened by the Taliban’s activity, the Foreign Ministry has said that they are keeping a close watch on the situation. At the same time, it has also been said that there should be no unilateral action for any decision in Afghanistan and a solution should be found through dialogue. It has been emphasized that India has always sought a secure and independent Afghanistan.

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