Final Warning To Twitter From Modi Govt: ‘Comply or Face Consequences’

The government on Saturday issued a notice to Twitter giving it “one last chance” to comply with the new IT rules immediately. The government has cautioned that if Twitter fails to comply with these rules, it will forfeit its exemption from liability under the IT Act.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) said that Twitter’s refusal to comply with these rules shows that the microblogging site lacks commitment and does not want to try to provide a secure experience to the people of India on its platform.

The Ministry of Information Technology said, “Despite operating in India for more than a decade, it is hard to believe that Twitter has refused to develop a mechanism that enables the people of India to have a time bound resolution of their issues on its platform.” And it would have helped in the solution through due process in a transparent manner.

The Ministry said that although these rules are effective from May 26, 2021, but in good faith, Twitter Inc. is given an opportunity to comply with the rules through a final notice. He has to comply with the rules immediately. If she fails in this, the exemption from the liability which she has got will be forfeited. Also, he has to be ready for action under the IT Act and other penal provisions.

The notice, however, did not specify how long Twitter has to comply with these rules.

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