Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait said – It was good if Article 370 was removed from Jammu and Kashmir, but…

Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait says that it is right to remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, but the people there want that they should continue to get the package they used to get earlier. He also said that he did not think that farmers would have to agitate in a free country.

Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait has given a big statement on the decision to remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. Talking to Aaj Tak, he said that the decision to remove Article 370 is correct, but the farmers there, the general public have suffered because they are not even getting the package after the removal of 370.

Tikait said, “We thought 370 was a big issue, which got resolved. Removing 370 was good, but the farmers there, the general public has suffered. We are with the people there.” He said, “The earlier transport package that they used to get, they still get it. Their aim is that the package should not be removed. The package should continue to be available. Subsidy on electricity and transport should be available. 370 stays or not, the facilities that are available through the package He was getting it. The package that the government used to give, they should continue.”

On Saturday, the farmers will meet the Governors of all the states of the country and the Lieutenant Governors of the Union Territories and submit a memorandum to them. When Tikait was asked whether he would meet Delhi’s LG Anil Baijal and give a memorandum? So he said, “I will not go, the Delhi unit will go to meet him.”

Tikait said on Kashmir, ‘Farmers are upset after the removal of 370, terrorists are saying they protest’
Tikait further said, “I did not think that the farmers would have to agitate in the free country. We had written a letter to the government for talks again, their reply came that the law will not be returned, talk.” He said that the impasse does not seem to be over.

Farmer’s movement is going on for the last 7 months
In September last year, the central government had implemented three laws related to agriculture. Against these three laws, farmers have been standing on the borders of Delhi since November 26 last year. There have been talks between the farmer and the government 11 times, but no consensus was reached. The farmers want the government to repeal all three laws and bring a law of guarantee on MSP. But the government says that it cannot withdraw the laws. If farmers want, then amendments can be made according to them.

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