EXPLAINER- What is Delta Plus variant, why experts are telling it the reason for possible third wave

The Delta Plus variant of Corona was first found in Europe. It is composed of a delta variant and a mutation of K417N. This could become the main reason for a possible third wave.

The second wave of the Corona crisis may seem to be calming down at the moment, but the danger is not completely averted yet. Experts, the central and state governments are still on alert mode. People will also have to stay like this or else the arrival of a possible third wave of corona is believed to be certain. When the third wave of Corona will come, how much devastation it will cause when it comes, it is being speculated right now. But in the meantime, the Delta Plus variant of Corona is the biggest cause of concern.

The Delta Plus variant has currently knocked in three states. Altogether 25 patients of Korana Delta Plus variant have been found in Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal), Maharashtra and Kerala. Now experts have also expressed concern that if the third wave comes, then the Delta Plus variant will be prominently involved behind it.

First of all, understand what this variant is. In simple words, when the virus changes form due to different reasons and becomes dangerous or deadly, then it is called a new variant. Corona, like many other viruses, is changing form and appearing in new variants.

WHO ‘renaming’ corona variants
Earlier, it was known by the name of the country from which that variant of Corona first appeared. But then WHO gave them new names. Now the variants of Corona are known by the names of Delta, Kappa, Alpha, Beta, Gamma etc.

What is Corona Delta Plus variant
Now let’s talk about the Delta Plus variant. This is due to the changes made in the form of the Delta variant. Delta variant i.e. B.1.617.2 which was earlier found in India. Then in the following months it was also found in many other countries. The Delta Plus variant of Corona has a K417N change in its spike protein. The Delta Plus variant was earlier called B.1.617.2.1. It was first found in Europe. The spike protein is an essential part of the corona virus. Because of this, the virus enters the human body and causes infection.

How dangerous is the Corona Delta Plus variant
Let us tell you that the Delta variant was mainly involved behind the arrival of the second wave of Corona, which caused havoc in India. Now the danger is from the developed version of the Delta variant i.e. the Delta Plus variant. This variant could be the major factor behind a possible third wave of corona, mainly due to the recent concern raised by experts.

India’s top virologist and former member of INSACOG Professor Shahid Jameel has expressed concern over this. He said that the Delta Plus variant can dodge both the vaccine and immunity. Meaning the vaccine, which was considered to be the biggest weapon in the fight against Corona till now, if the delt plus variant has the power to penetrate it and catch it, then the situation is likely to be serious.

Why is the vaccine potentially ineffective on the Delta Plus variant? Jameel has also talked about its scientific side. He said that the Delta Plus does not have the same features as the original Delta variant. Rather it also has a mutation of K417N. Which was also found in the beta variant found in South Africa. There is also the fact that the government of South Africa returned the consignment of AstraZeneca vaccine. He said that this vaccine was not effective against the variant of the virus there.

There have also been reports that the existing medicines used in the treatment of Delta Plus variant of Corona are not working.

Maharashtra, where the first and second wave of Corona has had the most impact, has started preparations. Maharashtra is assuming that the third wave will come only because of the Delta Plus variant, so CM Uddhav Thackeray has put the officials on alert mode.

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