Dubai government upset over this cryptocurrency leap in 24 hours, warns!

The value of this cryptocurrency named ‘DubaiCoin’ or ‘Debix’ increased by 1000% in 24 hours. This increase in the value of cryptocurrency caught the attention of Dubai Electronic Security Center. After which the local government had to warn investors. But how did the value of this cryptocurrency suddenly increase.

A website called Dub-Pay quoted a press release claiming that ‘debix’ is the official digital currency of Dubai. After this, the value of ‘DubaiCoin’ suddenly increased and it increased by 1000% in 24 hours.
According to, DubaiCoin was raised to $ 1.13 on May 27, compared to just $ 0.17 24 hours ago. The news of this increase in the value of DubaiCoin has also been published by many media websites.
This sudden increase in the value of cryptocurrency made the Dubai Electronic Security Center worry. Later, the Dubai government’s media office issued a clarification regarding this on Friday.
Rakar said, ‘DubaiCoin’ has never been approved by any government department (in the form of official digital currency). Its promotion on the website is a fishing campaign. It has been designed to steal the personal information of visitors to the website. ‘
The government has suggested investors to be careful.

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