Once When Dhoni reached the press conference with the entire Indian team in England

Team India led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni created history by winning the T20 World Cup in 2007. However, two years later in the 2009 World Cup, the Indian team failed to repeat the charisma of 2007.

More than the failure of Team India in this World Cup in England, the news of rift between Mahendra Singh Dhoni and opener Virender Sehwag was in the headlines. The news of differences between the two started in the early stages of the tournament.

In fact, in a press conference, Dhoni was questioned about Sehwag’s injury, but he was quite annoyed by constantly being asked questions on that subject. He had said that whatever question is related to fitness, you will get the answer from BCCI. Dhoni said on the subject of Sehwag, ‘I am not saying anything on that.’

This reply of Dhoni further intensified the rumors of a rift between Sehwag and him. Team India had to start the tournament with a match against Bangladesh, but what happened before that was shocking. A day before the match at Trent Bridge, Dhoni reached the press conference with the entire team, which left everyone surprised.

This decision of Dhoni is seen as one of the surprising decisions taken in his cricket career. In that press conference, Dhoni said, ‘Team spirit is as good as it was before.’ During this, Dhoni said that the recent reports of rift between me and Sehwag in the Indian media are false and nothing but irresponsible media reporting.

Sehwag was ruled out of the World Cup
Sehwag was battling a shoulder injury in the opening round of the tournament and due to this he had to sit out of the match against Bangladesh, apart from the warm-up matches of the World Cup. Later Sehwag was also out of the tournament.

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