Dhanbad: Judge murdered after being hit by stolen auto, angle of conspiracy visible in CCTV

The CCTV footage shows Judge Uttam Anand jogging on the left side of the road and moving forward. At the same time, an auto comes behind him, in which two people are seen sitting in the driver’s seat. The auto suddenly takes a slight left turn on the road and moves towards the judge who is jogging on the side of the road.

5 o’clock in the morning… a completely empty road. A person walking on the left side of the road. Then an auto comes from behind the person and without going straight on the road, takes a slight left turn and hits the person walking on the side at high speed. Surprisingly, after hitting the car, this auto does not even stop and overtakes on an empty road at high speed.

This incident is from the industrial city of Dhanbad in Jharkhand. The person who was hit by the auto on Wednesday morning was Dhanbad judge Uttam Anand.

Till the time the CCTV footage of this incident did not come, people were thinking of this accident as an accident, but the video of the CCTV is pointing towards the conspiracy. It is clear from the CCTV footage of this incident that Judge Uttam Anand was deliberately hit by an auto.

3 people arrested including auto driver

Here in this case the Giridih Police, adjacent to Ghanbad, has got great success. The police have arrested the auto driver and his two associates from Giridih in this case. Both are residents of Digwadih number 12 of Jorapokhar police station area. Here the police have also confiscated the auto and arrested the accused and taken them to Dhanbad.

Dhanbad came only 6 months ago

Let us tell you that Justice Uttam Anand had taken over as the judge of Dhanbad six months back. Prior to this he was the District and Sessions Judge of Bokaro. As usual, the judge left his residence at 5 o’clock in the morning to do the best morning walk. Meanwhile, an auto hit him at New Judge Colony turn in front of Randhir Verma Chowk and fled. Seeing the suffering on the road, a passerby named Pawan Pandey sent him to SNMMCH for treatment in an injured condition, where he died during treatment.

‘Truth’ is visible in CCTV

In the CCTV footage, Judge Uttam Anand is seen jogging on the left side of the road. At the same time, an auto comes behind him, in which two people are seen sitting in the driver’s seat. The auto suddenly makes a slight left turn on the road, moves towards the jogger judge on the side of the road and hits them hard from behind and moves straight ahead on the road. After this collision, Judge Uttam Anand jumps on the side of the road and falls some distance away.

Bodyguard identified the body

Judge Uttam Anand used to come back from the morning walk in no time. When he did not return till 7 am on Wednesday, his family got worried. After this, the family members informed the matter to the Sadar police station. After getting the information, there was panic in the police department and their search was started. The police of Sadar police station got information about an unclaimed body lying in SNMMCH, after which the police reached the hospital. The judge’s bodyguard identified the body. Uttam Anand has deep wounds on his head, as well as blood was pouring from his ear. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police has started investigation.

Was hit by a stolen auto

Now it is slowly becoming clear that the death of Dhanbad District and Sessions Judge-8 Uttam Anand is not just an accident but a well-planned murder. Now the latest fact has come to light in this case that the auto which was used to hit the judge belongs to Sugni Devi, a resident of Pathardih. According to Sugni, his auto was stolen. The judge was hit by this auto.

Jharkhand government orders high level inquiry

Along with many questions, this CCTV footage seems to strengthen the possibility of murder. On this whole matter, Jharkhand Health Minister Banna Gupta has directed Dhanbad DC and Dhanbad Police to make a high level inquiry committee in this matter and investigate the incident and submit the investigation report within a week.

Was hearing the famous murder case

Judge Uttam Anand was hearing the famous Ranjay Singh murder case. Ranjay Singh was considered very close to Sanjeev Singh, the Bahubali leader of Dhanbad and former MLA of Jharia. A few days ago, Judge Uttam Anand had rejected the bail plea of ​​shooter Abhinav Singh and Aman’s henchman Ravi Thakur. It is feared that the strings of his death may be related to the Ranjay Singh murder case.

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