Delhi: Female SI asked for 35 lakhs from doctor in the name of rape case, racket was running from police station itself, female SI suspended

The extortion racket was being run in the Mahendra Nagar police station of the capital Delhi itself. Surprisingly, a woman sub-inspector was also involved in this. This was revealed when a doctor was called to the police station in the name of a rape case and money was demanded from him. Later, the doctor’s lawyer reached the police station and made a recording and disclosed this entire racket. In this case, the doctor has registered a case and the female SI has been suspended.

On the night of 26 July, the doctor was first called to the police station in the name of a rape case complaint and a demand of Rs 50 lakh was made from him. Later the matter was settled for Rs 35 lakh. The same night, Rs 2 lakh was taken from the doctor and he was released on the condition of paying the remaining Rs 33 lakh by 5 pm the next day.

The next day the doctor’s lawyer reached the police station and met with the female sub-inspector and the extortion gang in her own room at the police station. The demand of Rs 35 lakh was reiterated in front of the lawyer as well. The lawyer recorded the entire conversation. The lawyer gave a complaint in writing to the SHO, but his complaint was not taken till late at 2 pm. Two days later, the female SI filed a rape case against the doctor.

On July 28, the police officials lodged an FIR against the extortion gang and suspended the female SI Rachna. Two women and a person are also involved in this racket, in whose bank account Rs 2 lakh was transferred. Now the DCP level officer will investigate this matter.

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