Delhi: 4 children drowned in Yamuna during Ganpati immersion, 3 still missing

After Ganesh Chaturthi in the capital Delhi’s Wazirabad area, a major accident took place during idol immersion on Saturday. Four children drowned in Yamuna during idol immersion. During this, one teenager was rescued, the other three are still missing.

The names of the missing children are Shivam, Vivek and Vijay. Meanwhile, the fourth child, who was rescued from drowning, has been admitted to Jag Pravesh Chand Hospital. The celebratory atmosphere during Ganpati immersion turned into mourning due to the drowning of three children. After the incident of children drowning during immersion came to light, there was panic on the spot, during which one child was saved from drowning while three children are missing.

It is being told that during the immersion, children were also involved in the celebration for immersion in the Yamuna river while dancing and singing. During the immersion, all the four children suddenly moved towards the deep water. During this, these children started drowning, in a hurry, one child could be saved from drowning while three children are still missing. The people present during the incident searched for the missing children by diving but they could not be traced. The incident has been reported to the police.

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