Death after getting the vaccine… Know how the rumors in western UP are weakening the vaccination campaign

In many villages of Baghpat in western UP, questions are being raised about vaccination among people. The reason behind this is also some kind of rumors being spread by some people about the vaccine. People are saying that after vaccination, death can happen. However, the administration is working diligently to stop such rumours.

The vaccination campaign is going on in the country to stop the corona epidemic. Millions of people are being vaccinated every day, but despite this, many people have many apprehensions about vaccines. The government is also continuously giving information to the people about how effective the vaccines are. In many villages of western Uttar Pradesh, questions are being raised in the minds of people regarding vaccines. The condition of the community health centers along with the vaccination habitat in western UP’s Baghpat is weakening the country’s fight against Kovid. Some people in the villages have even blown up rumors like death after getting the corona vaccine.

People spread rumors of death after vaccine

In Niwada village of Baghpat, about 60 km from Delhi, which is a Muslim-majority area, rumors of fever and death after vaccination spread by mischievous people have made villagers afraid of the Kovid vaccine. Along with this, the Community Health Center (CHC) of the area has also turned into rubble due to neglect for years. Mohammad Ali, a local resident here, says, “People here are afraid of vaccination. After the corona vaccination, some people have spread rumors of fever and death, due to which people are hesitant. Many people have also registered for vaccination, but they are waiting for the second to get their shot first so that they can know about any kind of side effects.

‘Hesitation in vaccination in some villages’

The Chief Medical Officer of the district has also confirmed this and said that there is hesitation in vaccination in some villages including Niwada. The administration is trying to persuade people to take their vaccines. CMO Dr. RK Tandon said, “There are reports of hesitation in the villages with the corona vaccines. We are also taking the help of administration and religious leaders to convince the villagers. We cannot force anyone to take the vaccine. However, so far the vaccination campaign is going well. We are also working on reconstruction of primary health centres.

Village health center turned into rubble

On the other hand, despite the claims and efforts of the government, there is a shortage in the number of vaccinations in many villages. One of the major reasons behind this is the lack of health related infrastructure. The only community health center here has turned into rubble and cow dung is littered all around. Local resident Riyaz said, “Even if people are ready, where will the administration start vaccination? The community health center here has been left in poor condition over the years and is now clogged with cow dung cakes, damaged vehicles and open drains.” Villagers claim that the paramedical staff stopped visiting the CHC long ago. And due to lack of maintenance, water started filling here, after which the building was left as it is.

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