Dead bodies found floating in the Ganges in Unnao

There have been many cases of corpses being dumped in rivers in the midst of the Corona crisis. A similar case was once again seen in UP’s Unnao. After the bodies were found floating in the Ganges in Unnao district, a quiver was caused. Here the bodies of the Ganges are seen descending in the river due to the rise in the water level. Hundreds of bodies were buried in sand dunes in the middle of the river, but now after the rain, these bodies are landing in water.

Actually, the Ganga’s water level has increased by 44 cm for the last two days in the state. Due to the rise in the water level, the mound was submerged and sharp erosion has started. A large number of rotten bodies and remains of human organs are seen descending in water at Unnao’s Buxar Ghat.

Please tell that in Unnao district, due to increase in the water level of river Ganga for two days, there has been a lot of erosion in many places. Meanwhile, many bodies are seen descending. Dozens of dead bodies are seen floating on this Buxar Ghat in Bighapur 15 days ago between the banks of the river and the stream. Some people say that these are the bodies buried in the past, whose remains have started to be removed.

Significantly, the graph of deaths from corona and other diseases had increased in the past days. It is being told that people had buried hundreds of bodies on the sand dune situated between the Ganges due to lack of space at the Buxar crematorium in Bighapur, located on the border of Fatehpur and Rae Bareli districts. Who have now come over the river after the rain. The risk of infection has increased due to the open bodies of bodies buried on the mound between the banks of the river and the stream and being dragged around by wild animals.

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