DBSE’s agreement with international board, foreign experts will give training in Delhi’s government schools

The International Education Board has signed an agreement with the Delhi Board of School Education (DBSE) on Wednesday. After this agreement, now experts from abroad will come to Delhi’s government schools and give training. This will enable the students to get international level education. Giving information about this, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that it is a matter of great happiness for the people of Delhi. Now our children will get international level education in Delhi.

Chief Minister Kejriwal said, “There is an international level education board, which provides international level education and is considered very good. It is the dream of the students that we too should get education from the International Education Board. There are agreements with five and a half thousand schools all over the world, which work with 159 schools. There are agreements with some governments as well. Like- America, Japan, South Korea etc.

He further said that today it is a matter of happiness that an agreement has been reached between Delhi Education Board and International Education Board. This means that whoever comes to the school under Delhi, the children studying there will get education of international standard. This is a big deal. These schools will also include private schools affiliated to DBSE.

The Chief Minister further said, “There are two types of education system in our country. One for the children of the rich and the other for the children of the poor. Those who have money, send their children to private schools and those who do not, send their children to government schools. Today after this agreement, poor children of Delhi will get education of international standard. The education for which the children of the big and rich yearn, the same education will be given to the children of the poor.

On the agreement, Chief Minister Kejriwal told that experts will come from abroad, who will get the teachers of the schools trained. How will the assessment of the children be done, this international board will decide. Experts will tell what are the shortcomings in the schools and how to overcome them, so that the school can become of international standard.

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