Darbhanga Blast Case: Big disclosure of NIA, funding through Pakistan and Lashkar-e-Taiba

The NIA investigation has revealed that the Darbhanga blast was done at the behest of Iqbal Kana. Its planning was done in the month of February itself.

Darbhanga: Every day new revelations are being made in the Darbhanga railway station of Bihar in the case of a blast in a parcel of clothes that came from Secunderabad on June 17. Gradually, it is becoming confirmed that a big conspiracy to shake the country was carried out at the behest of terrorists sitting in Pakistan, in which two named Salim and Kafeel arrested from Kairana in Uttar Pradesh. The accused had a big role.

NIA gets 6 days remand of accused Kafeel

Nasir and Imran, who carried out the crime, were sent to 7-day custody by the special NIA court on Friday and the NIA team has now brought them to Delhi. Apart from this, on Saturday, the NIA team also got 6 days remand of Kafeel. However, the main conspirator Salim has been sent to judicial custody due to ill health.

Darbhanga blast wires are connected with Pakistan

In the case of Darbhanga blast, a conspiracy has been revealed from a mobile number. On 17th June, the big conspiracy to shake the country certainly failed, but the strings of this conspiracy have once again been found from across the border.

Accused Salim hatched the plot of the blast

Let us inform that the accused Kafeel has been sent to Beur Jail in Patna, from where the NIA team will take him into custody. The special court of NIA has sent the mastermind of the conspiracy, Salim, to judicial custody. Due to illness, he was not sent to the NIA custody at present.

Pakistan and Lashkar-e-Taiba funded

Know that the master mind of this conspiracy in Pakistan is Iqbal Kana. At his behest, this dreadful plan was prepared. NIA says that at present, funding of Rs 1 lakh 60 thousand was done by Pakistan and Lashkar-e-Taiba for the incident. But if these people were successful in their plan, they would have got funding of crores of rupees.

However, all the characters of the conspiracy are in the custody of NIA and now by interrogating them, the NIA team is preparing to expose it completely. Because this conspiracy has raised the question whether the Indian Railways, the lifeline of the country, is now on the radar of terrorists? How do the terrorists sitting in Pakistan want to carry out this conspiracy?

Significantly, Kairana of Uttar Pradesh is once again in the headlines and this time the reason is terrorism. When the NIA investigated the Darbhanga parcel blast, the address of the arrested terrorists was found in Kairana. Since then the people living here are astonished that they had lived among the terrorists.

Although the train blast in Darbhanga took place in June, but the NIA investigation has revealed that it was prepared 4 months ago in February itself and the meeting for the plot of the blast was held at the house of accused Haji Salim.

There has been a big disclosure about Kairana’s Lashkar terrorist Haji Salim. Haji Salim was in touch with India’s most wanted terrorist Hafiz Saeed. This has been disclosed by the NIA.

According to sources, an IED blast was hatched at Haji Salim’s house. Lashkar-e-Taiba also had a hand in planning the conspiracy at Salim’s house. The planning of the train blast was made at the behest of Iqbal Kana, a Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist sitting in Pakistan.

Please tell that Iqbal Kana is a resident of Kairana in Uttar Pradesh and had fled to Pakistan long ago. At the same time, Iqbal came in contact with ISI and became the biggest kingpin of fake notes. Iqbal Kana sends fake notes to India through Nepal and Bangladesh. Many people of Kairana and Shamli are still in touch with Iqbal. It is alleged that the supply of weapons from Pakistan by filling in baskets of clothes and fruits is also done in Kairana.

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