Dangerous American weapons in the hands of Taliban, Republicans said – the accountability of Biden administration should be fixed

The strength of the Taliban in Afghanistan has increased manifold. Since the surrender of the Afghan army, the Taliban has taken control of the entire country and is now working to spread terror. But in the meantime, news of another worry has come to the fore. American weapons have been in the hands of the Taliban. Weapons that are sophisticated as well as very dangerous.

US weapons in the hands of Taliban

This disclosure has been made through a letter from the Republican Party of America. Several Republican senators have written a letter to the Biden administration. It has been said in that letter that US weapons have been in the hands of the Taliban. These weapons also include the UH-60 Black Hawks. In such a situation, there is a demand to fix the accountability of the Biden administration for this negligence.

It is written in the letter that it is astonishing that a hi-tech military weapon, which has been bought with the money of the American people, has today fallen into the hands of the Taliban and its terrorist organizations. Keeping those weapons safe should have been the top priority of the government. Before the soldiers were called back, it was necessary to keep the weapons with them. Now because it has become careless, the Republican Party has asked for full details from the Biden administration. There is an attempt to know how many American weapons have been given to the Afghan army since last year.

Will Taliban help from Pakistan?

Concerns have also been expressed in the letter that the Taliban may now seek help from Pakistan, China or Russia for the use of these weapons. It has been emphasized that the Taliban do not have enough intelligence to use these weapons themselves, so they can seek help from these countries.

For this reason, now this issue has become very big in American politics. President Biden, who has already come under the target of the whole world, is now surrounded by this controversy too. So far, no explanation has been presented on this negligence from their side.

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