Danger not averted? Another drone spotted near military station in Jammu

After the drone attack on the Air Force station of Jammu, alert is going on in the entire area. Meanwhile, on Monday late night, the drone has been seen again near the military station in Jammu itself, after which the security agencies have become alert.

Alert is on after the recent drone attack on Air Force station in Jammu. Meanwhile, another drone has been seen near Sunjwan Military Station in Jammu. After which everyone has become alert.

According to the information, this drone was seen at around 2.30 pm on Monday, which disappeared shortly after. These drones were seen by the security forces near Kunjwani, Sunjuwan, Kaluchak area.

The army got information about this drone late in the night. This drone was first sighted at Ratanuchek at 1.08 pm, later in Kunjwani at 3.09 am and then in Kunjwani at 4.19 am. However, the drone was not fired by the army, now the investigation is going on in this matter.

Because this drone was at high altitude, it was being seen from all three places. But agencies are also investigating whether it is a single drone or whether there were three drones. However, the drone disappeared within no time.

The investigation into the attack on the Air Force station continues, in Jammu, on the night of Saturday-Sunday, there was a drone attack on the Air Force station. Here two explosives were released with the help of a drone, due to which one explosion took place in the roof inside the station, while one explosion took place in the open area. Two soldiers also suffered minor injuries in this attack.

Let us tell you that the investigation of the drone attack on the Air Force Station of Jammu is going on. The Air Force team is investigating it from different angles here, apart from this, the FSL team is also investigating the explosive, which was used.

Regarding the drone attack on the Air Force station, information is also coming out that this attack was done by two drones. No traces of any drone have been found here, so it is believed that both the drones had left by dropping explosives.

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