Crowds gathered in Kempty Falls Mussoorie, the risk of spreading the virus at a fast pace in the tourist hotspot

The Union Health Ministry said on Friday that more than half of the total cases of corona infection have been reported in two states of Maharashtra and Kerala. A total of 53% cases have been found in these states. In the last 24 hours, the maximum number of cases have been found in Maharashtra (9,083) and Kerala (13,772). Most active cases are also here.

Health Ministry Secretary Lav Aggarwal said that more than 8,700 new cases were registered in Maharashtra on 3 July, which came down to 6,700 on 6 July. However, after this, more new cases were found every day. At the same time, more than 12,800 cases were registered in Kerala on 2 July, which came close to 8,300 on 6 July. However, after this, more cases were found every day.

80% of new cases are in 90 districts
Luv Aggarwal said that 80% of the new cases of corona are in 90 districts. There are 66 districts where the positivity rate was more than 10% on July 8. He said that the trend of decline in new cases every day is continuing. On an average, there has been an 8% drop in new cases every day in the last one week.

Cases of infection increased again in many countries
The ministry said that there has been an increase in recovery in the country. The recovery rate today is 97.2%. Luv Aggarwal said that we are still dealing with the second wave of Corona. We need to be careful. There has been an increase in corona cases in Britain, Russia and Bangladesh.

Negligence increased in markets and tourist places
NITI Aayog Member (Health) Dr. VK Paul said that there is negligence in the markets and tourist places. So there appears to be a new threat, it is becoming easier for the virus to pass from person to person.

There may be a third wave
Paul said we can’t reduce security. A new risk is being seen at the tourist place, where the gathering of crowd has increased. There, neither social distancing is being followed nor are people wearing masks. This is a matter of concern. If this continues, the third wave may also come.

Risk of premature delivery due to pregnant women being infected
VK Paul said that the severity of Kovid increases in pregnant women, so it is necessary that we get pregnant women vaccinated. If pregnant women have corona then the risk of premature delivery increases.

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