Covid-19 infection increased again in Tokyo before the Olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Tokyo Olympics organizers said IOC President Thomas Bach would arrive in Tokyo on July 8 and attend pre-Games meetings after being in isolation for three days.

Bach is also expected to visit Hiroshima on July 16, and then IOC Vice President John Coates will visit Nagasaki. Dignitaries who visit Japan often visit cities where nuclear attacks were carried out by the US in August during World War II. Also Read Hockey: Australia tops the world rankings, know where is the Indian team

Cases of Covid-19 infection are increasing in Tokyo before Bach’s tour. The Olympic Games are to be held from 23 July. On Wednesday, 714 new cases were reported in Tokyo, the highest in five weeks. This is the 11th consecutive day in Tokyo when cases are increasing, whereas seven days before that their number was much less. Also Read ICC Test Rankings: Williamson again tops Smith, know where Kohli is

Only 12 percent of people in Japan have been fully vaccinated. At the same time, the emergency imposed in some states will end on July 12 and there is a possibility that government officials will have to impose emergency again in the state during the start of the Olympics.

When Coates was asked a month ago whether the Olympics could be held during the state of emergency, he said, “The answer is absolutely yes.”

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