Corona’s ‘supervaccine’ is coming, there will be no hassle of the variant, nor the danger of epidemic!

Different variants of corona virus have increased the concern of the world. Now a universal vaccine is being prepared to end this mess. If this is successful then any major epidemic to come can be avoided.

The world facing the corona virus epidemic is now troubled by different variants. Many variants of corona are coming out in different countries, which are worrying. But now scientists are working on making such a vaccine that will prove to be effective on all types of variants, as well as help prevent any such epidemic in the future.

According to the news agency PTI, scientists have created a vaccine that, apart from Kovid-19, affects all other variants of the corona virus. It has just been trialed by scientists on rats.

Scientists from North Carolina University of America have already started research on it. According to scientists, no one knows which virus will cause the next epidemic, so all kinds of preparations will have to be done from now on.

Will beat every variant of Corona family! A vaccine has been created by scientists to remove the risk of future epidemics from any variant of the corona, which affects all the existing variants of the corona virus, other than all other variants, which have the potential to spread from animals to humans. Have content.

In the study it has been described as a second generation vaccine, which attacks sarbecoviruses. Sarbecoviruses are part of the corona virus family. Two variants of this family have caused havoc in the last two decades, first SARS and then Covid-19.

The scientists whose team is working on this mission have adopted the mRNA method. This method was adopted by Pfizer and Moderna to develop the current vaccine. However, the universal vaccine will be able to defeat all types of corona virus in this manner.

When will human trials start?
When this vaccine was tested on mice, the vaccine developed many such antibodies that can counter many spike proteins. It also included variants like B.1.351 found in South Africa.

It has been told in the study that this vaccine will have the power to prevent any kind of outbreak. The mice that were used during the trial were suffering from SARS-CoV and other variants of the corona. Testing is going on in this right now and if everything goes well, trials on humans can start next year.

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