Corona Vaccine: Long lines of vaccination should not become the new cause of corona infection? city-to-city clash

To avoid corona, people are reaching the vaccination center to get Corona Vaccine, but due to the shortage of Corona Vaccine in different parts of the country, the crowd is increasing the concern.

The second wave of corona virus in the country has weakened to some extent. The campaign of Corona Vaccination is also going on, but the carelessness of the people is once again increasing the concern about the third wave of Corona. To avoid corona, people are reaching the vaccination center to get the corona vaccine, but due to the shortage of vaccine in different parts of the country, the crowd is increasing the concern.

Be it Noida in Uttar Pradesh or Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, a large number of people are reaching the vaccination center here. The crowd of people at the Vaccination Center became so much that the Kovid guidelines were violated, in such a situation, the biggest concern is that the crowd gathering at the Vaccination Centers does not become the cause of a big problem.

Vaccine less in Noida, more people

The scene of Noida’s District Hospital came to the fore on the previous day, where people arrived in large numbers to get the vaccine. When crowds gathered in Sector 30, social distancing was flouted. According to the CMS of the hospital, for the last two days, they are getting fewer doses of the vaccine, only 3000 doses have been received so far. In such a situation, efforts are being made by the hospital to ensure that people follow social distancing.

The situation in Gwalior is also bad…

The condition of Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh is no different. Here in the district, a target was set to vaccinate about 20 thousand people in a day, but there was a crowd of people at different centers. In such a situation, people have to stand in lines for a long time.

Due to this there was a lot of uproar in Gwalior’s Civil Hospital, Thatipur. Long queues in the sun and fewer stalls for registration of the vaccine were the main reasons for breaking the rules of social distancing here.

The situation reached such a point that some people were seen pushing and shoving with the guards, while on the other hand there was a dispute between the employees and the people who were registering. People complain that they have to wait so long in summer, yet there is no provision of water or fan here.

Let us tell you that so far more than 35 crore vaccine doses have been administered in the country. On an average, 40 to 50 lakh doses are being administered in a day. There is still a shortage of vaccine in many cities, so there is a constant problem. Let us tell you that now the entire responsibility of vaccination is with the central government, although 25 percent of the vaccine is also with private hospitals.

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